Social media strategies for lawyers - where is it worth being?

Regardless of whether the law firm has been successfully operating on the market for years or has been operating for a short time, the key to the success of each of them will be gaining regular, loyal clients who will recommend the law firm's services further. It cannot be denied that in recent years, the use of social media in such a competitive market has become necessary. Thanks to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, it is easier than offline means to reach the target group of customers.

But should attorneys and law firms be active on all social media? Not necessarily. It might seem that the more mentions and activities on the Internet, the better. However, it should be noted that each activity in social media is the lawyer's time, and it is not worth wasting precious time on activities that have little chance of achieving a satisfactory effect.

Defining the target group of the law firm's clients

It is very important to clearly define the target group of clients that the law firm wants to reach. Depending on what areas of law the law firm deals with, what are the preferences of the attorneys employed by it and which cases are the most prestigious or profitable, it is necessary to specify which clients the law firm is looking for. Then you should consider where to look for customers from a specific target group.

It is worth answering the following questions:

  • Who do we address our offer to (gender, age, location, occupation, interests)?
  • Where can these people look for information and help?
  • What impression does the law firm want to make about the law firm on potential clients?
  • How do the most popular social media work?

If the law firm specializes in economic or administrative law, it is worth acting in more industry-specific social media, such as LinkedIn. When dealing with family or labor law, it will be easier to reach potential clients through Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, lawyers dealing with civil law (e.g. liability claims) will most easily reach the target group through actions on Facebook.

Facebook for attorneys

The most popular social networking site in Poland. It allows you to create networks and groups and share information and photos. For a law firm, Facebook is not only a virtual, modern showcase, but also a place where you can interest followers (including potential and current clients) with interesting legal issues and show the law firm's behind-the-scenes life. Such a looser form with the possibility of conducting discussions under posts or communicating via Messenger is conducive to establishing and consolidating relationships with customers. Additionally, thanks to Facebook Ads, you can increase the number of customers.

Instagram for attorneys

A photographic social networking site heavily based on a visual message. It is used by several million people in Poland. In order to gain a large number of followers, a law firm should constantly and regularly publish interesting graphic content. What can an attorney or a law firm publish? Photos of the workplace, from legal meetings or conferences, in front of the court building. You can also boast about publications or private passions of the band.

LinkedIn for attorneys

An international social networking site for professional and business contacts. It facilitates establishing professional contacts, thanks to which the law firm can develop and gain more clients. Additionally, potential clients can take a closer look at the lawyer's professional career. On LinkedIn you can post legal curiosities or share information about your successes.

YouTube for attorneys

A website that allows you to post movies and broadcast live. YouTube is associated with listening to music, but has also been used successfully for years to present educational content in various industries. A law firm may post interesting informative or educational content here, as part of free legal advice. Doing so can build relationships with your customers and help you get new ones.

Twitter for attorneys

A social networking site popular among young people that allows for microblogging, i.e. posting short text messages. Twitter will allow the law firm to post short but concise information, such as a legal comment on a case known in the media or on current changes in Polish legislation. There is a good chance that people interested in legal topics will start observing the account and use the services of a law firm in the future.

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