Implementation of LegallyCRM at the Law Firm Bigoszewski Insadowski Adwokaci Gdańsk

Kancelaria Bigoszewski Insadowski Adwokaci Gdańsk, i.e. a team created by joining forces of two law firms, i.e. the Law Firm of Advocate Krzysztof Bigoszewski and the Law Office of Advocate Paweł Insadowski. A dynamically developing legal group from Gdańsk specializes in providing legal services to companies and people in the field of:

  • civil law
  • family law
  • inheritance law
  • administrative law
  • criminal law
  • company law
  • recovery
  • compensation

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Previous work tools

The work of an advocate involves working with documents - pleadings and pre-trial letters, contracts, documentary evidence, opinions of court experts, expert opinions. Each letter arriving and departing from the office must be decreed. The deadlines by which the law firm must reply to the party to the proceedings or to the court are extremely important. Despite the developed system of filing and cataloging paper documentation, the deadline handling process is very time-consuming.

Until now, the law firm has based its work on the following IT solutions:

  • Google calendar
  • Google calendar
  • e-mail handler: Thunderbird and MS Outlook
  • manual files
  • internal server

Customer problem

The growing number of KBPI Clients is associated with a greater number of deadlines (litigation, statutory or prescription) and the number of documents. Years of experience have brought not only a group of regular customers, but also new partners, applicants and associates. Attorney Before making the decision to implement a CRM system, Bigoszewski and attorney Insadowski faced common problems in the legal industry, we are talking about:

  • storing client documents locally (which made it difficult to perform current tasks)
  • lack of a centralized calendar of tasks for employees, associates, and lawyers, which made it difficult to control the performance of tasks ordered in the office and to control the workload of individual lawyers in the law firm's team
  • no centralized customer base and notifications interested in services in one place with cloud access
  • limited ability to work remotely, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • no possibility to automate some activities (e.g. in the preparation of powers of attorney)

The idea for LegallyCRM

In 2020, the pandemic forced the law firm to work remotely. It was necessary for many lawyers to have access to the files of a single case due to the powers of attorney and substitutions granted. After nearly 10 years of operation of the law firm and professional practice, the time has come for changes and the IT system, i.e. dedicated software for a law firm. From among the CRM systems available on the IT market, LegallyCRM has been carefully chosen.

Advocate Krzysztof Bigoszewski: “The LegallyCRM system allowed the team of our law firm to work more effectively both in terms of time and quality. Access through the system, among others for the matters and data of our clients, reading text from graphic files and pdf scans, checking clients' receivables and payments, working time alarms (i.e. checking the profitability of lump sum contracts) at any place and time of the day are the functionalities that we use most often. The CRM system for the office has been implemented on our server, and only authorized persons have access to the data, which ensures the highest data protection as well as convenience and speed in accessing it. Considering the above, I recommend LegallyCRM. "

Legally CRM - added value of the law firm

  • the possibility of a quick look at the portfolio of the firm's clients
  • permanent access to the daily schedule and tasks, employee calendars
  • the ability to delegate tasks to system users (Google Calendar integration)
  • notifications and reminders
  • Documentation OCR (quick system search by the content of read documents)
  • internal chat
  • pattern generator
  • searching for a customer by the number or name of the case / contact
  • working time reports (declarative and actual)
  • module for handling incoming and outgoing mail
  • control of customer payments
  • register of contracts, contacts and powers of attorney
  • Working times alerts - checking the profitability of flat-rate contracts
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