Manage your office with LegallyCRM

Manage your office with LegallyCRM Use LegallyCRM to manage your office - report working times, control receivables, manage leads, contracts and cases, control the validity dates of powers of attorney and payments, generate letter patterns. These and many other functions in one solution!

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LegallyCRM offers over 20 functionalities. This number continues to grow.


remote work

The LegallyCRM system enables remote work of your office. You will find all documents, tasks and cases in the system.

Functionalities of the system for a law firm

Potential customers

Module of all contacts handled by the office. The inquiries that come to the office are included in one collective module.


Conclude contracts with customers, control the process of concluding a contract, set payments.


Case files kept by law firms. It allows you to quickly sort cases according to many criteria.

post office

Control undeclared, incoming and outgoing mail, assign it to Agreements, Matters and Clients.


Communicate with customers and other system users thanks to e-mail and SMS messages.

Working time

Measure the working time in the system - declaratively and actually (stopwatch). Settle your customers on the basis of the hours worked.

Payments and receivables

Control receivables due to the office and invoice payment deadlines.

Powers of attorney

All powers of attorney in one place. Full list of active and inactive powers of attorney. That the scope of the law firm's responsibilities is known.

Contract register

All office contracts (utilities, telephones, rental, leasing) in one place.

Contact register

All contacts of the office (courts, bailiffs, offices) in one place.

Commercial settlements

When you run a compensation or debt collection office, settle the commercial sales network through the system.


All important events in one place. Sync your calendar with Google Calendar.


Create system user rights according to assigned roles.

Generator of handwriting patterns

Generate letter patterns from the so-called "Code shortage". Do not repeat the same letters since you can generate them - requests for payment, contracts, lawsuits, letters, envelopes.

Password list

All passwords for important legal programs in one place. Only grant access to certain users.

MLM structures

If you run a compensation or debt collection office and acquire clients through a network of recommendations - register Agents in the system.

Company structure

Create branches, departments, sections in your office to better plan your work.

Reference links

Acquire inquiries (leads) from the Internet thanks to the landing page network and the commercial network of agents.


Change the system language. You can work in English.


As an administrator, personalize a number of settings of your CRM system - colors, size of elements, logos, e-mails and template text messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of which version of the system you have chosen for your office, the cost of implementation will be only PLN 3,000 gross.

Due to data security and system maintenance, the installation takes place only on the servers of certain hosting service providers. This guarantees the smooth operation of the system. Thanks to this, you do not worry about data backup - the service is on us.

Referring customers can count on a discount. Each referred customer is 3 months without a subscription fee.

Of course yes. Unlike competing offers, LegallyCRM is created by Polish programmers. If you want to buy additional modules or modify the existing ones, it is possible for an additional fee of PLN 200 gross per hour of work of a programmer. We present the costs before starting work.