17 benefits of having CRM in a law firm

CRM, i.e. Customer Relationship Management, is a system that has, inter alia, to facilitate effective customer service, improve communication within the law firm and improve the organization of work.

LegallyCRM system, i.e. a system for managing a law firm from one place

CRM software for managing a law office is used to collect and organize into a whole not only information about clients, multi-stage action in court or pre-trial proceedings, but also to systematize the process of commissioning tasks or settling working time.

Managing deadlines in a law firm and managing lawyers' calendars

LegallyCRM is a CRM system in which we can create tasks for ourselves and other members of the law firm's team as part of the client's affairs system. LegallyCRM's calendar can be integrated with Google Calendar. The system user receives an e-mail notification and notifications in the Google Calendar on the mobile phone (if he has the Google Calendar and Gmail applications installed) about a new task.

Better communication inside the law firm

CRM for a law firm allows for the transparency of activities in the team and improves communication within the office. Importantly, LegallyCRM has a built-in messenger / chat, with the ability to create a work team assigned to the case. This also translates into managing relations within the office among lawyers.

The CRM system and the settlement of lawyers' working time

Working time counting is a key element when concluding hourly or lump sum contracts and for checking the effectiveness of the activities performed.

A modern solution, which is LegallyCRM, allows you to:

  • Measuring the actual work (the stopwatch measures every action of the CRM user) and issuing invoices on this basis
  • Indication of the declarative working time (the system user himself enters how much time it takes to perform a given activity)
  • Generating working time reports necessary for the settlement of the contract with the client - the office
  • Checking alarms working times (verification of the profitability of flat-rate contracts)

Access to case documents in the office

LegallyCRM for a law firm allows immediate access to documents (including archival documents) regardless of the time and place of the system user. Importantly, documents can be viewed by multiple users at the same time.

The CRM system enables the reduction of costs related to the storage of paper documentation and increases the security of its storage in one integrated IT system.

Documents - electronic document flow in CRM for lawyers

The circulation of documentation is the path of a given letter from the moment of its delivery to the office until the preparation and sending of the reply to the letter. All companies, including law firms, strive to limit the paper circulation of documents.

LegallyCRM also has a mail module. A law firm using LegallyCRM has the ability to connect its scanning devices with the system, thanks to which it is possible to scan incoming mail directly to the system into the undeclared mail folder and then send it to a run in the form of a scan.

Communication with clients via CRM for lawyers

LegallyCRM as a desktop and mobile CRM is great for systematizing internal and external communication in the office. Importantly, contact with customers, both by e-mail and SMS, can be fully taken over by the system, and thus the optimization of the work process, increased efficiency and savings takes place here.

Appointment reminders and alarms

Working time alarms allow you to verify the profitability of flat-rate contracts.

Task management, calendar along with the possibility of planning your own and colleagues' day guarantees that everything is done on time and all important deadlines are kept.

Data security in the CRM system for a law firm

Encrypted SSL connection

The SSL certificate protects the website on which the system is located and guarantees the security of the transmitted data.

Advanced user authentication mechanisms

That is, multi-level authorization systems (granting access to various areas in the system, divided into profiles and selected authorizations).

Full confidentiality of information placed in the system

Only selected employees / programmers of 4B Systems - confidentiality obligation - have access to the client's CRM system, which is necessary to update CRM or solve current problems reported by users.

Blocking access to the system after repeatedly entering an incorrect password

We notify you by e-mail about any unsuccessful login attempts.

Monitoring the correct operation of the system, event logs, the so-called logs.

Track changes and restore data quickly

Advanced user authentication mechanism

Create a password that will be a strong security, containing the appropriate number of characters, special characters, etc.

Automatic backups

against hardware failures and physical data loss.

OCR (digitization) of documentation in the CRM system

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a tool for reading text from scanned documents or images. The system decodes the document, recognizing the text in it, as well as tables and graphic elements. The next step is to scan the words by reading the letters (regardless of the font used). This allows, for example, to select and copy (move) individual content recognized on the document to another file or the LegallyCRM system.

CRM system integrations for a law firm

For the efficient functioning of the office, it is necessary to use the latest technologies. LegallyCRM is seen as a central communication platform for clients - the law firm as well as a knowledge base about them. The basis here is the integration of the LegallyCRM system with other systems commonly used in law firms, such as SMSapi, Gmail, Google Calendar or Abbyy Fine Reader.

Generator of letter patterns for attorneys and legal advisers

The letter generator allows you to automatically create letters by supplementing them with customer data (e.g. requests for payment or contract templates, etc.). Thanks to this, there is no need to create new letters and copy data from the system or other documents each time.

Continuity of work (Loss of employee ≠ loss of data)

A departing office employee is never associated with the loss of data and information in CRM. Information about clients and projects or e-mail correspondence remain collected in one place. LegallyCRM will allow you to easily implement a new employee in the place of the person leaving.

Optimizing your marketing activities

One of the functionalities of the CRM system in the office is the use of the collected information so as to reach clients with a personalized offer while automating all possible activities.

Remember that each data requires certain actions and their analysis. Thanks to CRM, you can divide the law firm's clients into segments, which will translate into reaching specific people with the right message. What is worth emphasizing, these data allow you to select the type of marketing activities undertaken by the law firm.

Cost reduction for law firms

Process automation will reduce the costs incurred by the law firm. It is about increasing work efficiency while reducing the number of employees and lawyers serving clients.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the office team's work

You can use CRM to analyze the effectiveness of your team's work to improve e.g. the communication process or minimize costs. You can delegate tasks, set priorities, monitor the activities performed.

To sum up, thanks to CRM for legal advisers and attorneys-at-law, i.e. a law firm:

You control:
  • Payments - modern CRMs for a law firm should have a module for controlling contractual receivables to the office and payment of invoices issued, so that you can easily check the balance in individual cases and the amount of expected revenues
  • Register of contracts, contacts and powers of attorney - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Powers of attorney activity - Powers of attorney module, which provides control over the activity of powers of attorney granted to the law firm
  • Working time of your team - depending on the type of contract and settlement
  • Access to documents by persons authorized to valid letters and documentation from any place and device, even whether it is Poland or abroad
  • Profitability of flat rate contracts through working time alerts
  • Real time (stopwatch), or declarative time
  • Working time reports
  • Register of contacts and correspondence in the customer panel (including the ability to send e-mail and text messages from the system)
  • Incoming and outgoing mail
You improve:
  • The work of the law firm's team
  • Register of contracts, contacts and powers of attorney - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Documentation flow
  • Efficiency of working time, e.g. through the generator of letter patterns
  • Principles of office management
  • Marketing activities of the law firm
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