Internet marketing for attorneys - what actions can law firms take

Nowadays, lawyers' offices should be treated in the same way as other enterprises, where, in accordance with modern management strategies, it is the client and providing them with the highest quality services and services are a priority. This concept of the ordinance was created at the beginning of the 21st century, when entrepreneurs and researchers of market phenomena noticed that in the face of enormous competition, the client would choose the company that treats him best.

Failure to appear at a hearing, meeting or a forgotten important date = problems at the office

In running any business, including running a law firm, building solid and good relationships with clients is of key importance. However, how to do it if, according to the Code of Bar Ethics, lawyers are not allowed to advertise their services? You can read more about the Code of Ethics and legal marketing in this article: Marketing for law firms. How to promote a law firm to violate the principles of professional ethics? The principles of this code, however, allow for marketing activities that will not be intrusive advertising of services, but information about the law firm and its activities. After determining the target group of clients to whom the law firm wants to reach, it is worth taking the following internet marketing activities.

Determining the target group of the law firm's clients

Before commencing marketing activities aimed at promoting the law firm's services (in accordance with the Code of Advocate Ethics), consider which target group of clients the law firm wants to reach. Depending on the profile of the law firm and the areas of law the law firm's team deals with, the target group of potential clients may be different. So there will be different actions to be taken and other places to promote your actions.

For example, if a law firm specializes in family law and divorce, promoting yourself in social media will be justified. However, if the attorneys focus on commercial or economic law, LinkedIn will be a better place to promote their services.

Website for a law firm

An advocate or an attorney's office may have a website. A modern, responsive and clear website with key information will be the hallmark of the law firm. The website should contain information such as:

  • logo
  • contact details
  • basic data of the members of the firm's team
  • data on the type and scope of services provided by law firms or a list of lawyers' publications

A good marketing idea will be to run a blog with articles on interesting legal issues on your website. You can also encourage readers to subscribe to the newsletter, thanks to which they would receive interesting and necessary information.

Website positioning for attorneys and Google AdWords advertising (Google Ads)

Google Ads is an advertising system thanks to which sponsored links are displayed in the first place in the Google search engine. An investment in Google AdWords (now Google Ads) will allow you to get a much larger number of entries to the law firm's website from the phrases it is interested in (eg "compensation", "Swiss franc loans", "legal services for companies"). While such activities can be called advertising, the content of the advertisement is of key importance, not the mere fact of its display. Therefore, attorneys can use Google Ads advertisements for information about their law firm, but not over the border of advertising their services in an intrusive manner. An alternative to Google Ads will be positioning the website in the most popular browser. SEO activities for law firms

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