Integration of software for lawyers with Google Calendar

Meetings with clients and contractors are the basic form of contact in every company, also in a law firm. These meetings can be held both in person and online thanks to modern IT solutions such as Google Meet, Zoom or Microft Teams. Regardless of the form in which they are held, when running a law office or working in it, you need to plan your schedule accordingly. Failure to appear at an important meeting or being late may have a negative impact on the efficiency of work, but also on the opinion about the law firm.

Failure to appear at a hearing, meeting or a forgotten important date = problems at the office

For the law firm, problems related to overlapping deadlines, unnecessary delays or, in the worst case, omission to appear at the meeting are a waste of time and money. An missed meeting may be a discouraged customer who will use the services of competitors. Being late for an important meeting may lead to the impression of a lack of professionalism and spreading negative opinions about the law firm. Failure to appear at the hearing may even result in the loss of the case. Additionally, each ineffective meeting represents team member's time that could be used more effectively.

How to replace a paper calendar or a planner in a law firm?

Keeping a paper calendar is definitely not enough nowadays. In the case of its management, losing a paper calendar would be a disaster and could lead to many problems. Its reconstruction might not be fully successful. For safety and convenience, the absolute minimum is keeping an electronic calendar, e.g. such as Google Calendar. However, if the law firm wants to enter modern business methods and uses a CRM system for lawyers, then the integration of system tasks with Google Calendar will be the perfect solution.

Solutions available on the market - Google Calendar

Many people, including, of course, people from the legal industry, often use online solutions at work (but also privately). Google web applications such as Gmail email, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Drive or just Google Calendar are very popular. Thanks to the calendar, you can facilitate the organization of work in the office. This solution will allow you to follow the schedule of the day and better use of working time.

The functions of the Google Calendar, useful for a law office, enable:

  • share your calendar with other people, which will make arranging a meeting on a suitable date for both parties will be much easier
  • sharing the calendar with members of the firm's team, which allows for mutual checking of availability
  • adding locations to scheduled events, which will make it easier to reach the meeting thanks to integration with Google Maps
  • using mobile applications, so you can use the calendar also from the position of the phone or tablet
  • setting reminders for tasks, thanks to which, without even looking at the calendar, we will not forget about an important meeting
  • integration of the Google calendar with other Internet software, such as CRM systems for lawyers using the Google API Console

Integration of the CRM system for lawyers with Google Calendar Google Calendar has many functionalities that improve both private and professional life. However, in the legal industry where timeliness is critical to many cases handled, this calendar may not be enough. It is important for lawyers to link meetings and appointments with cases and related tasks handled in the office. The solution to this problem will be a CRM system for lawyers such as LegallyCRM, which will allow for the integration of system tasks with Google Calendar.

Integration of system tasks with Google Calendar

LegallyCRM is a system for managing a law firm with many useful functionalities. One of them is the ability to create tasks for yourself and other members of the law firm's team as part of the client's affairs system. Most importantly, LegallyCRM can be integrated with Google Calendar by creating a global system calendar through which synchronization with the calendars of individual system users will be carried out. Thanks to the integration of LegallyCRM with Google Calendar, we obtain a functionality that allows you to synchronize a task created in the system with the individual Google Calendar of the system user. The user will then receive an e-mail notification and notifications in the Google Calendar on the mobile phone (if he has the Google Calendar and Gmail applications installed) about the new task.

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Integration with Google Calendar for non-commercial and commercial Google Workspace users

We use Google products privately and commercially, as part of paid Google Workspace plans (plans are available at: https: // ). Integration of Google Calendar with the LegallyCRM system is possible in both options. Requires creating a project in Google Console ( ) and parameterizing all data downloaded and sent to Google via API. Integration with Google Calendar is performed by a team of 4B Systems programmers as part of the system implementation.

Functionality of integrating Google Calendar with LegallyCRM

The implementation of integration enables:

  • creating a universal Google Calendar for the system
  • sending invitations to tasks
  • receiving tasks from the global Google Calendar directly to the system (tasks and events will not be related to specific issues in the system)
  • authorizations of individual Google Calendars of users, which will allow them to be sent tasks directly to individual Calendars and to edit them

Is resignation from Google Calendar necessary while working in a law firm?

Many people, when starting to use the CRM system, think about giving up the Google calendar - but the combination of both solutions can ensure the highest efficiency of work. Tasks created in the system will be exported to Google Calendar. The system also makes it possible to send notifications about a new task to the person concerned. As a result, the person assigned the task can modify it as needed. Having many tasks and performing a profession of public trust, it is sometimes difficult to manage your time in such a way as not to neglect both personal and professional duties. Using modern solutions, i.e. a CRM system for lawyers and a Google calendar, will help you manage your time better.

Integration of other calendars in the LegallyCRM system

Our development team is constantly developing the functionalities of the system. Law firms also use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Integration with this platform is planned soon.

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