How to measure working time in a law office?

In relations between contractors, between the company and the client or the superior and subordinate employees, control is necessary to build trust and establish long-term relationships. Additionally, in order to run a modern business effectively, you need to control the processes taking place in the company. Legal, attorney, solicitor, bailiff, notary, compensation and debt collection offices focus on helping companies and individuals in various areas of law. Nowadays, only law firms with an unblemished reputation that implement transparent mechanisms of settlements with clients can achieve success in the times of easy access to the Internet.

How to settle accounts with the law firm's clients?

To achieve success in the development of a law firm, you need to gain the trust of contractors, clients and employees. How to achieve them? Through effective management of the office and ensuring fair terms of cooperation. The key to achieving this goal will be to eliminate the existing problems. One of the problems taking place in the legal industry is the control and settlement of working time, for which the law firm's client pays. This control is needed both for the settlement of contracts with clients and for checking the profitability of activities undertaken by the law firm. Fortunately, there are innovative information systems (CRM) that allow, among other things, to control working time, and thus eliminate the problem.

The problem of counting working time in law firms in the legal sector

Working time counting is crucial when concluding hourly or flat-rate contracts and for checking the effectiveness of the activities performed. Without modern technology, counting this time is very difficult.

  • A client ordering a service to the law firm (analysis of documentation, preparation of an appeal, statement of claim, notarial deed, business contracts) and paying for one hour of the law firm's time wants to obtain confirmation of how much time was actually spent efficiently. Unsupported information is not enough for the client to be satisfied and for the Law Firm to be able to enjoy his unwavering trust.
  • Some companies or private persons conclude flat-rate agreements with law firms from the legal sector. Such an agreement guarantees lower rates for specific activities or a fixed monthly amount for services up to the agreed number of hours of the office's working hours. Both parties to the contract need confirmation of the amount of time devoted to the assignments. Otherwise, it is difficult to count on mutual trust.
  • The owner of the law firm wants to know how much time its employees (secretary, clerk, compensation specialist, attorney, solicitor) spend certain tasks and activities for which a fixed fee is charged. The aim is to check whether the fee is adequate to the time it takes to complete the task.

The CRM system as a solution to problems with counting working time in the office

The CRM system is a tool for managing the office and customer relations. The LegallyCRM system for lawyers and other law firms from the legal industry also allows you to measure and control working time. The owner of the law firm can control both his working time and the working time of his employees and check the profitability of the activities performed. The tabulated summary of working time and activities performed will not only allow for better management of the team and recommendations, but also for more effective negotiation of contract terms and remuneration.

The system for LegallyCRM law firm allows you to:

  • Measuring the actual work - a special stopwatch will measure every action of the system user.
  • Indication of declarative working time - the system user can enter by himself how much time it took him to perform a given activity.
  • Generating working time reports - report and control your and your employees working time. Show clients with whom you conclude hourly or lump-sum contracts confirming the price of the service.
  • Checking working times alarms - check the profitability of flat-rate contracts. Maybe the price of the contract is inadequate to the working time and it needs to be increased in subsequent contracts?

LegallyCRM - CRM system for law firms

LegallyCRM is an innovative CRM system for the legal industry, i.e. for law firms, law firms, solicitors, notaries, compensation and debt collection offices.

What will the Law Firm gain from using LegallyCRM?

  • All the most important customer information, mail, documentation, powers of attorney and contracts will be in one safe place with the possibility of 24/7 access.
  • If the law firm conducts online marketing, leads from websites or landing pages will flow into the CRM system, allowing for efficient contact with a potential client. The possibility of generating contracts and letters as well as placing electronic signatures will significantly improve the work of the office.
  • Sending SMS and e-mail messages directly from the system from the client's thread will improve communication - the replies will also go to the right place in the CRM system.
  • Control of working time, payments and the activity of powers of attorney, as well as the ability to perform multi-level settlements will improve the management of the office.
  • The possibility of delegating tasks to system users, their synchronization with the Google calendar and the function of notifications and reminders will improve the quality of customer service.
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