CRM system for your law firm

Compensation Debt collection Law Firm

Management system for your law firm. Control and measurement of working time, settlements, letter patterns, mail flow, case documentation in one place.

Why is it worth choosing LegallyCRM?

A license tailored to your needs

Possibility to purchase a license in a subscription or in a single perpetual payment.


Integration Use Google Calendar, sending e-mails, sending SMS in your CRM system.


The data collected in your system is properly secured. We can install the CRM system on our or your server.


We are constantly working on new solutions for lawyers and law firms.


A system based on modern technologies and an intuitive interface based on Vue JS.


All functionalities are available in the 1st version of the system. You don't have to decide now what you will need.

Read our clients' recommendations

„I run a law firm in Gdańsk. The CRM system was essential for effective work. The LegallyCRM system met my expectations.”

- Krzysztof Bigoszewski. An attorney with many years of experience in the Law Firm Adwokat Krzysztof Bigoszewski, Gdańsk, Polska

„I got access to the full version of the LegallyCRM system from a compensation law firm cooperating with me. I'm very happy. The case work process and communication is brilliant.

- Thomas Benestad. Attorney from the Law Firm Salomon-Johansen, Oslo, Norway

„As a Foundation, we received support and free access to the full version of the system for legal experts - advocates and legal advisers - cooperating with the Foundation. We are satisfied with the work on the system.”

„I work in the LegallyCRM system for our Polish clients who have suffered damage in the Netherlands. The system organizes work well, resembles tasks, and allows you to control time limits. I recommend!”

- Agata Scheffers. Compensation advisor in Tijbout Letselschade, Holandia, Zaandam

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Functionalities of the LegallyCRM

Measure employees' working time for billing purposes

Do you conclude legal service contracts on an hourly or lump-sum basis? Do you want to know what the profitability of your contracts looks like? Count up working time (actual and declarative) to control team performance.

  • Real time - start the timer and time your activities
  • Declarative time - enter how long the activity took you
  • Working time reports
  • Working time alerts - control the profitability of flat-rate contracts

Delegate tasks on matters to employees

Delegate tasks to your employees in cases, synchronize them with google contractors' calendars, track the execution of tasks from the system.

The entire correspondence of the office in the system

Control your mail deadlines. Undeclared, incoming and outgoing mail in the system. Connect your scanning devices to LegallyCRM and scan straight to the system.

  • Scanning documents into the CRM system
  • Incoming and outgoing mail control
  • Notify mail recipients of new mail via e-mail

Coordinate work in the office on many levels

Documentation of your clients in one place

All documentation of entrusted cases is stored in one place. Authorized persons will have access to important letters and documentation from any place and device.

Create tasks in assigned matters

Assign users to matters and assign tasks - preparation of a letter, a statement of claim, making a phone call or holding a meeting. Sync tasks with users' Google Calendar.

Conclude legal service contracts

Select the correct type of contract and billing. Flat-rate service contracts, hourly contracts, success fee contracts. Depending on the type of contract, you choose the type of settlement and control the working time of your team.

Payment control in the office

Control contractual receivables for the office and payment of issued invoices. You can easily check the balance in a given case and the amount of expected revenues.

Control the activity of granted powers of attorney

The powers of attorney module will give you control over the activity of powers of attorney granted to your law firm.

LegallyCRM in his law firm

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