13 tips for attorneys and law firms on what content to publish on Facebook

Nowadays, activity on social networks seems to be necessary, and this also applies to law firms and attorneys. However, keeping a Facebook profile is not as easy as it may seem. Before starting the activities, you should consider what the law firm wants to show, how it wants to be perceived by both the followers and the competition or business partners. Facebook is a place where the law firm can afford a bit looser content, but without forgetting about professional ethics.

What posts can a law firm post on Facebook?

  1. Content in accordance with the Code of Advocate Ethics
    First and foremost, when posting posts on Facebook or other social media, a law firm must remember about the Code of Bar Ethics. Lawyers have the right to post information about their activities on the internet, but not as open advertisements. All the more, it is forbidden to slander the competition, to ensure 100% effectiveness or to share the data of your customers. You can read more about it in the article: Marketing for law firms. How to promote a law firm to violate the principles of professional ethics?
  2. Informing followers about the scope of the law firm's services
    By posting on Facebook, you can inform about the areas of law that the law firm deals with and the scope of additional services. Followers should know what kind of content to expect on the profile and what kind of help they can expect from the law firm. For example, a person managing a large enterprise may be interested in economic or administrative law, but not necessarily in family law.
  3. Introducing the members of the law firm
    customers and followers. Of course, it is not about getting acquainted, but about the opportunity to get to know the firm's team better. Each lawyer of the law firm can briefly write something about his education, career, passions and interests, both those related to law and private life.
  4. Linking to your articles in the media and on the website
    If the law firm has its own website where it runs a blog with articles, it is worth referring to a link to a specific, interesting article in your Facebook posts. In addition, it is worth pointing to the observers of articles or columns of law firm members on the Internet or in trade newspapers. This will raise the prestige of the law firm and, in addition, will allow the followers to gain additional knowledge on the topic of their interest.
  5. Encourage subscribing to the newsletter
    A law firm may use Facebook to redirect follower traffic to its website as well. If the law firm runs a newsletter to a database of people who have agreed to receive such content, it is worth encouraging Facebook followers to subscribe to it and obtain interesting industry knowledge or free legal advice. Thanks to this, the followers may become clients of the law firm in the future.
  6. Showing the work of your law firm behind the scenes, information about events and training
    Do members of the law firm take part in interesting events or trainings? The team went on an integration trip? Or maybe lawyers work until the night in the office on a difficult case and browse through several cardboard boxes of documentation? Share it with your followers by adding a photo and a short note. Clients and followers from other industries are curious about the work of lawyers.
  7. Promoting your other social networks
    A law firm or employed attorneys maintain professional profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter? In posts on Facebook, you can redirect followers to other portals. The more traffic and followers on all websites and portals of the law firm or attorneys, the greater the chance of establishing better relations with existing clients but also acquiring new clients.
  8. Interact with obserushing by asking open-ended questions
    Facebook posts don't have to be just informative. Build a relationship with your followers by engaging in discussions. For this to happen, the law firm may ask an open question from time to time and start a conversation with people who will comment on the post. Such action will enable the law firm to get to know the followers better, who in turn will be able to talk to the attorney in a slightly looser form.
  9. Add short videos
    The law firm may also be active on YouTube by posting shorter or longer videos with podcasts, educational content or free legal advice. In such a situation, it is worth referring to your materials posted on YouTube in your Facebook posts. You can also post recorded short videos in video formats on social networks - the law firm does not have to operate on YouTube to share such content.
  10. Posting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    With social media profiles such as Facebook, the law firm must take into account that followers and clients will ask questions on posts or in private messages. It is absolutely necessary to answer them, but it cannot be denied that some of the questions are probably repeated often. The law firm will gain time if it answers the most frequently asked questions in the post pinned at the top of the page.
  11. Referring as a legal expert to events from Poland and the world
    Many people watch TV, read newspapers or browse the Internet, looking for information about what is currently happening in Poland and in the world. Laymen often have their opinion on various events, such as a change in the law or a high-profile criminal case. The law firm, as an expert in the field of law, can comment on current events and encourage followers to discuss and, to some extent, educate them.
  12. Enabling the possibility of commenting posts and posting opinions
    The key to establishing a relationship between the law firm and followers and clients is the two-way relationship. The mere posting of posts is only one-sided relationship. So it is important to enable the ability to comment on Facebook posts and the ability to add opinions to get to know the opinion and preferences of followers. However, the law firm must not forget to answer every question or comment on the opinion.
  13. Adding important messages regarding the office's activities
    What annoys your followers and customers the most? No updated information on the social networking site. Before going to the office, sending an e-mail or by phone, many people check the news on the law firm's Facebook. Therefore, it is extremely important to inform about any changes to the contact details, change of opening hours or the absence of the office team related to holidays or public holidays.
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